People are turning to new homebuilders for their next home purchases when they have the choice. Consumers hold the preference by a two-to-one margin over buying older homes, according to survey results published by the real estate website. Whether you think of your abode a castle or the suburban ideal of design, there are some compelling reasons to buy your next home directly from a builder.

Buying homes with histories

If you’re in the high end of the market, and of the right frame of mind, you really can purchase a castle in Europe and all of the historic charm that goes with it. However, ancient castles come with legacies of decay and obsolescence. You’re also likely to find that such landmark buildings have strict rules about preservation, dubious appraisals, and the maintenance that go with structures designed to withstand sieges. Provide modern comforts efficiently? Not so much.

If you don’t feel like being part of the jet-setter lifestyle, a far-off chateau may not be so appealing. A mid-century modern in the U.S. region of your choice might be easy to find, more efficient, and convenient by comparison, but even the ubiquitous thirty or forty-year-old ranch styles and split-levels that define the suburbs are obsolete structures now.

Charm is great if you can get it

Some older American homes have stacks of charm, and the best are architectural classics. The stylish older homes of the rich and famous, which fill the pages of interior design magazines, could give any castle a run for the money. The majority of the older homes on the real estate market aren’t quite so glamorous.

The mid-twentieth century saw a burst of new home construction in response to rising demand. The post-war era saw the demographic surge of the baby boom along with increasing affluence and government programs to promote homeownership. The houses that were built fit the purpose and lifestyle of the era but didn’t necessarily age as well as the best.

The features that make a home new

Like cars, the choice is new or pre-owned. You either buy a house or condominium that was previously occupied or as the first inhabitants. In the latter case, the home might be in any stage of construction, from conception to walk-in-ready.

Flowing spaces – Open plan kitchens and living spaces that blend and flow from one to another allow family living, both together and

Walk-in closets and bathrooms – Modern comfort means having storage and large master bathrooms as well as enough of each to keep a family from tripping over one another.

Efficiency driven by technology – Homes constructed in the very recent past and on the design board today have energy efficiency built into their HVAC systems their layouts and insulation. Additionally, digital controls allow the occupants to manage heating, alarm systems, lighting and many other features through their smartphones or connected tablet devices.

No weekends lost to DIY – If your home is the way you want it when you choose it, you don’t have to spend time and capital on construction, repairs, and replacements to have the comfort and convenience of a modern home.

Builders warranties – Many of the problems that pop up in older homes are due to the wear and tear of regular living. However, any major renovations might cause teething troubles after you move in. When you buy a new home, professional homebuilders provide warranties to their buyers as a backup to make homeownership a smooth and positive experience.

Builders like Epic Homes of Atlanta, GA aim to deliver the finest new homes, with the goals of satisfying customers and defending their reputations in competitive markets. A builders warranty is a guarantee of as much as ten years on the work they have done in the construction of your new home. It is the extra insurance that will give you peace of mind in your purchase decision and make settling in a wonderful experience for your family.

The modern home is more of a castle than it has ever been before, at least in the eyes of a proud and contented new owner. Your experience will be much happier, and you’ll get the home and functional features you want, and at lower cost and stress levels. You can have the style, as well as modern functionality and efficiency when you move into a new home constructed by a professional builder like Epic Homes.



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