While your circumstances are unique to the life you’ve lived, you may, like many homeowners, come to a point when you just know it’s time to look for a new home. As you build equity and savings, your family and possessions have probably grown too.

So the decision to move sometimes becomes an obvious choice. In such a case, purchasing a newly constructed home might be the best option for your family

The Signs That It Is Time

The signals that lead to your home buying decision may be positive: You’re careers are moving along nicely, your children are growing and need space to mature, or you might just yearn for a quiet residential neighborhood where you can rebalance your lives.

You may love your home, but if it’s a little too small or aged, perhaps you could benefit from a modern house design that’s built with the contemporary lifestyle in mind. If you’re aware of what builders are designing into new homes these days, you know that you can have a space that matches the contemporary lifestyle better than ever before.

Older homes sometimes have a charm that only comes with age and serendipity. However, the homes that were built in large numbers from the mid-twentieth century until the turn of the millennium were often practical but bland.

While architects and designers have always had the best intentions, construction materials and design thinking have come a long way in the past few years. The philosophy that drives home building today is the result of lessons about how people intend to live and what features they want as part of the ideal home.

New Home Features Worth Having

Open plan living spaces – The latest home design thinking is about people living together and sharing. A multifunction living environment allows you to relax, entertain, cook, and dine in comfortable proximity.

Walk-in closets – Bedrooms that have space to organize your belongings and stay tidy are a modern must. Ample closet space is a feature of new homes that allows you to expand and live with ease.

Upstairs laundry room – There’s no sense in dragging piles of laundry up and down stairs and out to the garage.  Contemporary home designs put the cleaning room where you need it most, next to the bedrooms.

Space to work from home – Modern home design for the present world recognizes the way that people live and work today. Homeowners more often choose to work from home or run a home business. The freshest homes have an office space where you can shut the door and focus on the workday.

Enough bathrooms for family and guests – Having the convenience of modern conveniences in the right place and not occupied by family members or guests is a practical luxury that cannot be overestimated.

Classic design with a touch of whimsy – A modern home can have finishing touches unique to its plan. Gables, bay windows, decorative railings, and surprising living spaces make a house more than a home; it can be a place that’s fun too. By creating designs that are both familiar and yet unexpected, with features that create a sense of flair, homebuilders add a level of enjoyment that was missing from the floor plans of previous eras.

Choose your best floor plan – New communities such as Davis Farms in Cumming Georgia, put the buyers in the comfortable position of selecting the location and layout. When your new home is yet to be built, you can choose the plan that best suits your family and lifestyle.

Design a custom home – Work with an architect and builder to design the home you have in mind. Site your home and create an architectural expression of how you wish to live. Who knows, perhaps you will produce a home design that wins awards and features in trend-setting magazines, as well as being the home of your dreams.

Design The Lifestyle You Have Worked Hard to Achieve

The choices and features mentioned above only skim the surface of the style and substance of new home designs. While you may have settled for a first home on the resale market, your next move can be toward the ideal.

For homeowners who’ve sacrificed to settle and raise a family, moving to a newly constructed home is a worthy reward. So, why not make the next stage of your lives the new home that captures the lifestyle of your dreams?