People are turning to new homebuilders for their next home purchases when they have the choice. Consumers hold the preference by a two-to-one margin over buying older homes, according to survey results published by the real estate website. Whether you think of your abode a castle or the suburban ideal of design, there are some compelling reasons to buy your next home directly from a builder.

Buying homes with histories

If you’re in the high end of the market, and of the right frame of mind, you really can purchase a castle in Europe and all of the historic charm that goes with it. However, ancient castles come with legacies of decay and obsolescence. You’re also likely to find that such landmark buildings have strict rules about preservation, dubious appraisals, and the maintenance that go with structures designed to withstand sieges. Provide modern comforts efficiently? Not so much.

If you don’t feel like being part of the jet-setter lifestyle, a far-off chateau may not be so appealing. A mid-century modern in the U.S. region of your choice might be easy to find, more efficient, and convenient by comparison, but even the ubiquitous thirty or forty-year-old ranch styles and split-levels that define the suburbs are obsolete structures now.

Charm is great if you can get it

Some older American homes have stacks of charm, and the best are architectural classics. The stylish older homes of the rich and famous, which fill the pages of interior design magazines, could give any castle a run for the money. The majority of the older homes on the real estate market aren’t quite so glamorous.

The mid-twentieth century saw a burst of new home construction in response to rising demand. The post-war era saw the demographic surge of the baby boom along with increasing affluence and government programs to promote homeownership. The houses that were built fit the purpose and lifestyle of the era but didn’t necessarily age as well as the best.

The features that make a home new

Like cars, the choice is new or pre-owned. You either buy a house or condominium that was previously occupied or as the first inhabitants. In the latter case, the home might be in any stage of construction, from conception to walk-in-ready.

Flowing spaces – Open plan kitchens and living spaces that blend and flow from one to another allow family living, both together and

Walk-in closets and bathrooms – Modern comfort means having storage and large master bathrooms as well as enough of each to keep a family from tripping over one another.

Efficiency driven by technology – Homes constructed in the very recent past and on the design board today have energy efficiency built into their HVAC systems their layouts and insulation. Additionally, digital controls allow the occupants to manage heating, alarm systems, lighting and many other features through their smartphones or connected tablet devices.

No weekends lost to DIY – If your home is the way you want it when you choose it, you don’t have to spend time and capital on construction, repairs, and replacements to have the comfort and convenience of a modern home.

Builders warranties – Many of the problems that pop up in older homes are due to the wear and tear of regular living. However, any major renovations might cause teething troubles after you move in. When you buy a new home, professional homebuilders provide warranties to their buyers as a backup to make homeownership a smooth and positive experience.

Builders like Epic Homes of Atlanta, GA aim to deliver the finest new homes, with the goals of satisfying customers and defending their reputations in competitive markets. A builders warranty is a guarantee of as much as ten years on the work they have done in the construction of your new home. It is the extra insurance that will give you peace of mind in your purchase decision and make settling in a wonderful experience for your family.

The modern home is more of a castle than it has ever been before, at least in the eyes of a proud and contented new owner. Your experience will be much happier, and you’ll get the home and functional features you want, and at lower cost and stress levels. You can have the style, as well as modern functionality and efficiency when you move into a new home constructed by a professional builder like Epic Homes.



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While your circumstances are unique to the life you’ve lived, you may, like many homeowners, come to a point when you just know it’s time to look for a new home. As you build equity and savings, your family and possessions have probably grown too.

So the decision to move sometimes becomes an obvious choice. In such a case, purchasing a newly constructed home might be the best option for your family

The Signs That It Is Time

The signals that lead to your home buying decision may be positive: You’re careers are moving along nicely, your children are growing and need space to mature, or you might just yearn for a quiet residential neighborhood where you can rebalance your lives.

You may love your home, but if it’s a little too small or aged, perhaps you could benefit from a modern house design that’s built with the contemporary lifestyle in mind. If you’re aware of what builders are designing into new homes these days, you know that you can have a space that matches the contemporary lifestyle better than ever before.

Older homes sometimes have a charm that only comes with age and serendipity. However, the homes that were built in large numbers from the mid-twentieth century until the turn of the millennium were often practical but bland.

While architects and designers have always had the best intentions, construction materials and design thinking have come a long way in the past few years. The philosophy that drives home building today is the result of lessons about how people intend to live and what features they want as part of the ideal home.

New Home Features Worth Having

Open plan living spaces – The latest home design thinking is about people living together and sharing. A multifunction living environment allows you to relax, entertain, cook, and dine in comfortable proximity.

Walk-in closets – Bedrooms that have space to organize your belongings and stay tidy are a modern must. Ample closet space is a feature of new homes that allows you to expand and live with ease.

Upstairs laundry room – There’s no sense in dragging piles of laundry up and down stairs and out to the garage.  Contemporary home designs put the cleaning room where you need it most, next to the bedrooms.

Space to work from home – Modern home design for the present world recognizes the way that people live and work today. Homeowners more often choose to work from home or run a home business. The freshest homes have an office space where you can shut the door and focus on the workday.

Enough bathrooms for family and guests – Having the convenience of modern conveniences in the right place and not occupied by family members or guests is a practical luxury that cannot be overestimated.

Classic design with a touch of whimsy – A modern home can have finishing touches unique to its plan. Gables, bay windows, decorative railings, and surprising living spaces make a house more than a home; it can be a place that’s fun too. By creating designs that are both familiar and yet unexpected, with features that create a sense of flair, homebuilders add a level of enjoyment that was missing from the floor plans of previous eras.

Choose your best floor plan – New communities such as Davis Farms in Cumming Georgia, put the buyers in the comfortable position of selecting the location and layout. When your new home is yet to be built, you can choose the plan that best suits your family and lifestyle.

Design a custom home – Work with an architect and builder to design the home you have in mind. Site your home and create an architectural expression of how you wish to live. Who knows, perhaps you will produce a home design that wins awards and features in trend-setting magazines, as well as being the home of your dreams.

Design The Lifestyle You Have Worked Hard to Achieve

The choices and features mentioned above only skim the surface of the style and substance of new home designs. While you may have settled for a first home on the resale market, your next move can be toward the ideal.

For homeowners who’ve sacrificed to settle and raise a family, moving to a newly constructed home is a worthy reward. So, why not make the next stage of your lives the new home that captures the lifestyle of your dreams?


Once you’ve made the decision, the hunt to purchase your next home is always an adventure. However, if you’ve been through the process before you know what a long and intricate journey you have ahead; there are so many vital things you have to consider when you’re buying a home.

Once you commit to hunting for a new home, it’s overwhelming enough, that’s not the time to discover hidden yet predictable roadblocks. The following tips will help you consider the necessities before you get too heavily involved. Do the simple stuff first, and you’ll have an easier time later. Additionally, there’ll be less chance that some unexpected thing could block the path to your dreams.

Calculate Your Family Budget

Knowing your family’s income and outgoing payments is fundamental to determining what your home purchase options are going to be. If you’ve bought a home before, you know that it’s all about the numbers.

Gather all of your personal documents together so that you have all of the information at your fingertips. You’ll need such records as existing home loan docs, insurance, and bank statements. If you’re a member of the Armed Forces or have records of an honorable discharge, your service records may entitle you to added benefits that ease your new home purchase.

Pull Your Credit Reports

You have a legal right to view your credit reports from all three of the big credit reporting agencies for free once each year. The site is the official site where American consumers can access all three with no fee.

Review your reports to make sure they are accurate. If you find any errors, disputing them now will save you time and trouble when you can least handle it later. Credit reporting mistakes do happen, and you might also discover that your financial activities were consistently reported to all three agencies.

Start Looking At Your Lender Options

If it’s been a while since your last foray into mortgage borrowing, it’s time to look at interest rates, deposit requirements, and useful features such as government-backed loans. You may find that you’re eligible for a package that makes purchasing your home much more affordable than you’d expect.

If you are moving to Georgia from out of state, you should take some time to familiarize with the state’s terms and conditions for lending, as they may be different to your previous state. For example, in Georgia, you can borrow by either mortgage or trust deed, which gives you more financing options than other states that allow only one or the other.

Prequalify with A Lender To Become A Homebuyer

The real estate profession is exceptionally formal. Sellers and their agents are much more likely to take you seriously as a homebuyer if you can prove that you can make the deal happen. So, as your first formal act as a potential homebuyer, approach your bank or a local lender and work with them to qualify for a home loan.

Once you successfully prequalify, your lender will write a letter that outlines in principle how much you can borrow and on what terms. This letter puts you in a much better position to negotiate, and it certifies to builders, sellers, and brokers that you are serious about buying your next home.  

Get Ready To Sell Your Old Home

You may already be a homeowner determined to move up the property ladder. Alternatively, if your family is growing, you may have no choice but to find a bigger house. Start considering what you must do to put your old home in top order to sell it.

Preparation pays extra dividends here because any delays in selling could ripple through to the purchase of your new home. For example, if you hold a mortgage balance still, lenders often expect you to repay the principal before financing a new home, and if you intend to keep your first home as an investment, be sure to clear it with the bank first.

Concluding Statement

Purchasing your new home is an exciting time; it’s also stressful and filled with complexities. If you can eliminate some of the causes of risk early on, it may prevent distress and disappointment later in the process.

Once you’ve gathered your documents, you’re familiar with your financing options and prequalified with a lender; you’ll be in a position of strength to hunt for the home of your dreams. Follow these tips, and you’ll set the stage for the best possible experience while you make the transition into the next exciting phase of your family’s life.



Once you commit to being ahomebuyer, and your agent hands over the keys to your brand new home, it’s a tremendous sense of accomplishment and, at the same time, an anticlimax.

Before you purchasedyournew home, you put tremendous effort into selecting the right one. You probably had to qualify for finance, and then you had to get theproperty approved for the home loan too.

The tension is palpable any time you buy a home. It’s true whether you buy a new build home or settle for an older structure and all the history that comes with it. Once that’s done, and you‘ve closed and with the keys in your hand, what happens next?

Know What Gets Paid and When

If you are ready to move in, it’s time to prepare and start packing. However, make sure you understand all the loose ends of the transfer. The exact rules of the process depend on your state, and your city or county regulations too.

Many of your purchase expenses will be included in your escrow and will transfer as part of the closing process. Lenders often include property tax and insurance impounds as part of your monthly payments. Make sure you understand what’s covered and if you’re responsible for any additional periodic payments.

Older homes have the wear and tear that comes with age,and that may mean repairs that require follow-through. For example, your seller may have agreed to pay for a service such as a termite treatment, follow up and get the appointments out of the way. Don’t let dilapidation or pests come back to haunt you later.

The Home Buyer and The New House

Older homes are almost guaranteed to have issues that pop up sooner or later, and it’s on you as the new homeowner to pay to fix them. The advantage of purchasing from the builder is that there won’t be any old repairs and patchwork to replace.

When you choose a top-rated builder, who warranties their work and materials, you’ll be doubly protected. You get the peace of mind knowing that the quality is in place, and, if some issue should arise, they’ll be there to make it right.

Decorations Paint and Furnishings

The advantage of a newly built home is the pristine condition you’ll find when you open your front door for the first time. While the glamor of the show furniture staging may be gone, you’ll be ready to move in at your convenience.

Decorating your newly purchased property is a part of the process of making it your home. Choosing the styles, colors, curtains, and decorations is part of settling in. Deciding where to place furniture can be an experience that draws your family closer together.

Practical Advice Points for New Home Owners

Once you’re inside,with the door closed behind you, it is time to take care of the practical matters that establish your domain.

Utilities –Transfer the utility service accounts into your name and note when the next payments are due.

Notify your contacts and service providers – Update your contact information with essential accounts. The Postal Service has an information packet and an excellent change of address support service.

Secure your entrances – Personalize your front door, mailbox, and change locks and update keypad codes.

Secure your documents too – Get all of your vital homeowner documents organized in one place. Consider scanning them into a digital file that you can store locally and securely in The Cloud.

Remember your pets –Make sure your pets settle, and they can become familiar with the area before letting them out; this will be a trying time for them. There are digital collar attachments to track lost pets such as smartphone-enabled tags, just in case they wander off. Make sure all of your animals have access food and water during the move.

Be the good neighbor –Perhaps most importantly, get out, explore the community and meet the neighbors. Say hello and introduce your family to the folks next door. A little initiative and hospitality when you’re a new home buyermight prevent years of awkwardness and misunderstandings for years afterward.

Cumming Georgia is a friendly and welcoming community at the heart of a growing region, just forty miles north of Atlanta.

Cumming has everything you need to enjoy a comfortable and rewarding lifestyle. The city boasts a diverse range of recreation facilities, from hiking trails to the performing arts.

There’s plenty to do in Cumming. Whether you’re visiting for an event or recreation, exploring a new neighborhood, or thinking about relocating and buying a home here, you will find the city is fascinating,energetic, andrelaxing, all at once.

Location and Geography

Cumming has retained its rural charm while it has adapted to contemporary life. While the city has remained constant, with a long history, the town of Cumming has grown to become part of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

When Georgia State Route 400 reachedForsyth County in the 1980s, it opened up Cumming to commuters to step away from the hassles of the big city.It is a great place to visit for leisure and recreation. Alternatively, it iswhere you can come home to a lifestyle that balances peacefulness and activity in any proportion you desire.

Community and Culture

The city of Cumming is the county seat of Forsyth County. The county offices are located directly adjacent to the New City Hall. The Cummings City Hall is an elegant example of traditional municipal architecture. The building was constructed in 2002;the new building captures the style of the old courthouse building, which burned the mid-1970s.

The county has two news outlets that publish news and announcements within the county. The Forsyth County News and The Forsyth Herald will tell you about everything going on in the local region.

The Cumming Playhouse offers residents and visitors a year-round schedule of locally produced plays to enjoy.Several theatre companies stage productions at the playhouse. The playhouse encourages community members to join in and audition for roles. 

Things To Do Outdoors Around Cumming

Forsyth County is very fortunate to have a world-class system of parks and Cumming is right at the center of it.Lake Sydney Lanier draws visitors from around the region. The lake is a beautiful recreational destination, with parks, pavilions, beaches, and boat ramps.

Sawnee Mountain Preserve offers even more outdoor activity and adventure. The park is just north of downtown Cumming The preserve has eleven miles of trails for hiking and running as well as an amphitheater with playgrounds and picnic pavilions that you can reserve for outdoor get-togetherswith family and friends.

The Aquatic Centerand Water Parkin Cumming is a modern swimming pool facility that caters to all age groups. The Center is the place to learn to swim, take water therapy, enjoy team sports, or just have fun paddling in the pool.

The Big Annual Events of Forsyth County

The Annual Fourth of July Parade – Every year, on Independence Day, the Forsyth County Steam Associations fires up its magnificent collection of steam tractors, fire trucks, vintage cars, and marching bands. It is a sight to behold!

The Forsyth County Fair – Residents of Forsyth County and the region beyond look forward to the Cumming County Fair and Festival each October. The Fair is a celebration of our region and culture. The fairground also hosts seasonal events that bring flair and guests from across the state and beyond.

A Modern Lifestyle with Rural Charm

Whether you choose to live in the city or surrounding rural county, you can shop locally for all of the necessities to make your house a contemporary home.

Cumming has all of the dependable retail shopping facilities. Retail shopping in the areasupplies the city and surrounding region with all of the modern brands that consumers associate with comfort and convenience.

Eating out is a charming experience in and around Cumming. There are plenty of local and chain restaurants to suit every taste. You can have the best of locally-owned Southern Hospitality or the favors from around the world.

For homebuyers and visitors alike, the city has plenty on offer to see and do. If you come to Cumming for a visit, you might just decide that you find it offers the balance between work and life that suits you best.